Write Like You Talk

"Jeff Butera is the man. If you are a news producer I highly recommend following him. Can’t tell you how much I’ve improved my writing ability by taking what he tweets into consideration when I write."
– Ben Parsons, Producer, KBMT-TV (Beaumont)

"A must-read for broadcasters."
– Darcy Tannebaum, Senior Executive Producer, WSVN-TV (Miami)

"I can’t put it down. Every journalist should be reading 'Write Like You Talk'."
– Taisha Walker, Reporter, WCHS-TV (Charleston)

"Current and relevant on all platforms.
It might be one of the smartest investments you make in your career."
– Linda Levy, Founder/Owner, The NWT Group

"A broadcast news bible."
– Brett Allega, Producer, WEHT-TV (Evansville)

"Write Like You Talk is a MasterClass in 150 pages."
- Justin Case, Operations Manager, Scripps (Wichita)

"It's everything I try to drill into the younger (and older) journalists I work with."
- Kamahl Santamaria, Presenter, Al Jazeera English

"If you're in the news business, you should follow Jeff Butera on Twitter (at @WriteLikeUTalk)."
- Toby Gibbs, Producer, WTVQ-TV (Lexington, KY)


"Write Like You Talk" is a guide to broadcast news writing. It's the perfect book for any young journalist hoping to improve their writing. It teaches anchors, reporters and producers how to write conversationally, so they can make a real connection with the viewer.

The many topics covered in "Write Like You Talk" include:
  • Achieving a Conversational Style
  • Eliminating Cliches
  • Eliminating 'Cop Speak'
  • Grammar
  • Leads To Stories
  • The 'False' Present
  • Avoiding Passive Voice
  • Writing To Video
  • Writing Teases
  • Writing Packages
  • Writing for the Internet

"Write Like You Talk" also offers the reader a workbook, allowing them to apply what they learn.
Any young journalist who reads it will see an immediate improvement in their writing.

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About The Authors

Jeff Butera is a four-time Emmy Award-winning journalist. A summa cum laude graduate of the University of Florida, he has reported for stations across the country, including in Phoenix and Tampa. He is currently the primary news anchor at WZVN-TV (ABC) In Fort Myers, where his work earned him a coveted Murrow Award for Hard News Reporting.
Ed Sardella is the original author of "Write Like You Talk." He published the first edition of "Write Like You Talk" in 1984, and continued writing updated editions until 2014. Ed also served for 30 years as primary news anchor at KUSA-TV (NBC) in Denver.



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